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Our team consists of several aknowledged either tattoo or piercing artists. Our goal is to provide high quality services. All of our tattoo artists are willing to draw any unique design you can describe, made especially for you. It is your way of expressing yourself... - you name it , we do it. Our piercing artists are qualified to also make your wishes come true. We all speak at least two languages. In a safe, pleasant and friendly enviroment you can visit us to see our work.



 Our tattoo studio was made to serve each one of you in a unique way, as you want it. Our artists are there for helping you express yourself, and draw the design, or a combination of designs you wish, made especially for you only.



 You name it , we do it for you! Express yourself in your own way. The experienced piercing artists will be glad to help you.



 You can have paemanent make up.